If it’s not about sex, what is it about?
Simply put, cheating often develops as a result of a need for emotional connection that experiences deprivation in the current relationship. If a couple is happy together and emotionally connected, it is very rare for one of the parties to seek outside. But if there is an emotional disconnect between the parties, the risk of deception increases considerably.

As glass points out, events often start insidiously. A friendship that seems harmless becomes a strong emotional bond and becomes the escape of the person who is disconnected from his marriage, feels rejected or abandoned.
Deception may or may not be intentional. It usually occurs when people who form deep emotional bonds with each other then want each other irresistibly.

Deficiencies in marriages that cause infidelity
According to recent research, it has become easier to understand love from a scientific point of view; to know how it can be maintained and for what reasons it ends.
Psychologist, author of the book romantic relationships Sue Johnson says this about what love is all about: romantic love is, in fact, an old wired first aid code marked by an emotional connection. Although the emotional bond established at the beginning of a relationship may seem harmless at first, its deprivation is the typical cause of deception for relationships that suffer.

How does this emotional bond between spouses disappear?
Being rejected by a loved person, being excluded is a condition known to everyone on a biological level and causes universal pain, but it is a need that is ignored until the emotional connection is lost.

It is essential to maintain independence and autonomy in Western societies. People are warned not to ‘over-need’ and as a result often lose sight of their emotional needs. And most of them don’t know how to express these needs. However, in this way, emotional needs do not disappear, they are just suppressed.

Relationships need attention and nurture to thrive. Partners need to make each other feel valued and safe. If people lose themselves in the rush of everyday life and neglect their relationships, their emotional needs are not met.

What can couples do to prevent infidelity?
Whatever popular belief, infidelity is not inevitable in long relationships. If the relationship itself does not meet, it can become difficult to resist the love and attention received from someone outside the relationship and create the basis for infidelity. If so, the parties must show each other the value and appreciation they need to prevent deception. They should spend time together, know how to devote time to each other and their relationships. Healthy communication will set expectations and make it easier to meet them.