Many factors such as stress, blood pressure, high blood sugar affect sexual performance. Men often resort to sexual performance enhancing drugs. However, sexual performance drugs also have some harm. Uro-Andrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat said, “Most of the time, a solution is sought with medications without consulting an expert in low performance. In this case, one should not be dependent on drugs. “When you ignore the problem and be delayed in applying to treatment, many problems such as anxiety, unhappiness, loss of self-esteem, anger, relationship problems may occur,” he said.

Uro-Andrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat underlined that in such cases, a specialist should be consulted before taking medication. Speaking to DHA, Prof. Dr. The calligrapher warned, “Do not attempt to treat your sexual functions with the advice of friends and friends or the methods you learned from the internet.”

Improper treatments can cause side effects

Stating that any treatment that is not suitable for the person or that is not aimed at the cause of the sexual problem will cause side effects, Prof. Dr. “When these treatments do not work, you will experience a more severe state of depression and anxiety. These treatments, which can simply create psychological addiction, can damage sexual functions in healthy men in the long term. Use them only if your physician recommends them and at the time determined by him. Many problems such as anxiety, unhappiness, loss of self-esteem, anger, and relationship problems can occur when you ignore the problem and delay applying for treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a physician in the changes you notice, ”he said.

Listen to these suggestions to improve sexual performance

Noting that you can try some methods before applying to drugs for those who have low sexual performance, Prof. Dr. The calligrapher continued his words as follows:

Especially if you are a man who is extremely stressful, consuming fatty foods, smoking, using heavy alcohol and not doing sports, in case of low sexual desire, have your testosterone deficiency checked in the blood. If you have a low level, find out which lifestyle changes or hormone treatments you can increase your testosterone. If you have difficulty while maintaining or maintaining hardening, you can try treatments such as ESWT-Shock Wave that renew the genital area vessels, repair the damages, improve the sexual area vascular-nerve and skin tissue. By training the pelvic muscles that surround the genitals like a web, you can ease ejaculation problems and sexual pain.