It is defined as vaginismus that women have difficulty having sex due to fear of the first night. This disease is quite common in our society and seriously threatens marriages. The problem of vaginismus can be solved by up to a hundred percent with sexual therapy. One of the issues women are most curious about about vaginismus is whether the disease passes on its own… Urologist Op. Dr. Murat Mermerkaya answered the most curious questions about vaginismus.


Vaginismus is one of the most common ailments in women. It usually develops due to fear of the first night and is seen in one in every 10 women in our society. The symptoms of vaginismus, a treatable disease, are as follows:

Involuntary contraction, fear and panic at the moment of unification.
Don’t deny the relationship.
Half of sexual intercourse.
Inability to insert a pad or tampon into the vagina.
Not being able to look at the Genital area, not being able to touch it
Not allowing the partner to touch the genital area.
Inability to place suppository-type drugs in the vagina for therapeutic purposes.

Is it possible that vaginismus will pass on its own?

Studies show that the vaginismus problem has a 20 percent chance of self-healing. But with sexual therapies, it is possible to treat up to 90 percent and recover in less time.

Vaginismus puts serious pressure on the woman over time. This, in turn, leads to psychological problems for the woman.

As men also lose patience over time, the pressure on women increases even more. If vaginismus is left untreated, marriages can be in serious danger and end.

Women who complain of vaginismus or women who suspect vaginismus should see a specialist doctor as soon as possible.